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The Business of Sport in Australia

Sports Strategy Consulting

Sports in a digital world

Understanding the direction of Sports and the Business behind it.

We provide advice and insight into the Business of Sport. Working directly with Sports Federations, Leagues, Clubs, and Owners we assist in the understanding of trends in the Business of Sport. From broadcast strategies, reaching new fans, social trends & commercial partnerships, we seek to empower Sports businesses with the knowledge to compete in todays digital world.

The Future of Sport is encomposed on a Mobile Phone. Society will continue to be fixated with our smartphones, but how do Sports cut through and remain relevant? Not only do sports compete amongst each other BUT they do now fight AGAINST any entertainment product. Yes, especially Netflix!
How do Sports Stand Out?

In Australia, where we have the greatest number of sports teams globally, competition between the different sports is fierce. Can your sport stand out? Lets develop a strategy to ensure your sport or club remains relevant.

The Business of Sport in 2021

Sport is a Business - a Global Business, into which passionate fans and smart corporations pour hundreds of billions of dollars. The business of sport ranges from the court/field to executives suites to televisions worldwide.
Post-COVID19, the shift to Digital has pushed Leagues & Clubs to focus on online strategies. This is where we can help!

Reaching Sports Fans

The Modern Sports Fan is a Connected Consumer.
Life as a fan used to mean a few magazines and the occasional TV broadcast when it was on. But the rapid rise of smartphones means that being a fan is now a 24/7 behavior.
Modern Fans are on their Mobile Phone and want to extend the experience outside of the live sport when the game, and the season, finishes.

We can help reach todays Modern Sports Fan.

Broadcast Stratagies

Broadcasting Sport has changed.
We live in an age of on-demand and personalized media. Consumers expect to be in control of their viewing schedule and for content to be available in multiple forms, at any time and on any device.
To win this viewership fight, Sport Content owners must figure out how to leverage technology that creates a high-quality, immersive viewing experience for fans across TV and OTT platforms.
At the same time, broadcasters need to increase production quality while keeping costs low to create a high return for their sports investments.

This is a juggling act that we can develop strategies for.

Digital & Social Media

Social media has changed the way sports stars, clubs and fans interact with each other. The instantaneous, intimate and interactive nature of social and mobile tech make them perfect platforms to fuel our sports fandom.

As engrained Social Media now is within Sport, all stakeholders are apart of this attention economy. What strategies can be used in 2021 to ensure your sport or club remain relevant?

Let us help you devise these Digital and Social Media strategies

Commercial Partnerships

Brand sponsorships in Sport is a tried & tested formula: Global corporates scramble for rights to associate with popular properties.
Sport was taking a while to really embrace digital in terms of sponsorship. The future will focus on digital, personalisation and how to really monetise fanbases.
There will be much more personalisation when it comes to the fan experience. That’s both in-stadium and at home. There will also be a deeper connection to the athlete experience.

Lets us help to build partnerships with the right sponsors to attract todays Digital Fan.

About Us

The Business of Sport is a Sports Strategy Consultancy Agency based in Sydney, Australia.

Created by former professional athlete, Ex-Wall St, Silicon Valey startup founder and Business Growth advisor: Rick Nunez

The Business of Sport started when past team-mates and sports colleagues started approaching Rick about how to transition into post-career life. Off the back of business success in the US & Europe, Rick gave advice to athletes on contract negotiations, image rights and matching athlete interests with skills that businesses would want to hire.

As a Business of Sport specialist, Rick has written about, been interviewed on his opinions, produced a weekly commentary on the industry and been invited to important Business of Sports Events and Conferences.

Since 2017, the Business of Sport consults to Sports Federations, Leagues, Clubs and Owners to transform their digital strategy within the 4 pillars of the Sports Business: Fans, Broadcast, Social Media and Commercial Partnerships.

Helping Australian Sports compete in today's attention economy.

Clients We Work With

We have worked with a good cross-section of international sports federations, national sporting organisations, broadcasters, consumer brands and venue operators.
See here to the right, a sample of those organisations:


The Future of Sport is already Digital.
Transform your Sports League or Club with digital strategies that stand out with help from The Business of Sports Strategy Consultants.

From Fan trends & retention, to Broadcast Strategies, the latest Social Media tactics and new Commercial Partnerships to explore - we can help you!

Contact Us to schedule a quick intro call & explore how we can help.

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